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Storefront Window Cleaning

First impression matters! Create a great impression for your guests in your store even before they walk in with our window cleaning service. It’s important that shoppers have a good idea of what you sell. Having a great storefront that is attractive and where customers can see inside before they enter so they can see what you are offering is paramount to success. Certified Window Cleaning Co. is a professional, fully insured window cleaner with extensive experience in cleaning and maintenance. We are great storefront support in Greensboro! We will give your storefront a clean, fresh appearance and keep your windows sparkling all year long!

House Window Cleaning

Let’s be honest, who has time to clean their windows? Yet, clean windows will bring light and create positive environments when you are stuck indoors all day! Certified Window Cleaning Co. is a professional, fully insured window cleaning company in Greensboro NC with extensive experience in cleaning and maintenance. We will work around your requests and be respectful toward your properties. We are highly rated by our clients because of our work habits and code of conduct. The de-Ionized water-fed window cleaning system is available as well as traditional window cleaning methods. We can also do restorations to restore the condition of your windows!

Commercial Window Cleaning Services

Commercial Window Cleaning

Sunlight has a powerful effect on our emotions. Light improves our mood, energy level, and concentration. It can make you happier and help to keep depression at bay. In short, light makes us feel better, which you’ve probably noticed on those long, rainy, cloudy days in Greensboro. Certified Window Cleaning Co has been offering commercial window cleaning in NC for many years. We understand the value of clean windows and its effects, so we’ve made it our mission to ensure your windows are clean, allowing the light to stream in unhindered. If you are in need of commercial window cleaning, give us a call today.

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